Leading the change towards a sustainable future!

The Zero Waste HoReCa program hosted an awards ceremony, an event that celebrated innovative and effective sustainable practices within the Hospitality sector. During this event 20 businesses were awarded €500 as seed money to initiate further sustainable practices.  The winners were selected, from among 45 submissions, by an independent Panel of subject matter experts.

This program, implemented in collaboration with the AKTI Research Centre and funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation, has been nothing short of transformative. Through strategic measures of this specific programme, we have managed to engage 100 HORECA businesses, saved over 53 million litres of water and mitigated more than 300kg of carbon emissions. During these awards partners in this sustainability journey were also recognised for their valuable contribution in this sustainability journey: NGO Zibel, Nature Trust -Ekoskola, Festivals Malta and the Energy & Water Agency.

These awards were all about sustainability practices and innovative collaborations. This ethos also encompassed the award ceremony: from locally sourced food with a low carbon footprint, to the trophies made from recycled pieces of wood and natural moss and also the outfit of the compere Clare Agius, which was fashioned by Rachel Bartolo from recycled fishing nets, retrieved from our seas by one of our partners the NGO Zibel during their various clean-ups.

The Zero Waste HoReCa program program reflects the ethos of The Coca-Cola System which we represent in Malta and aims to conduct business in a sustainable way. We believe that a better future is achieved through socially and environmentally sustainable practices that make a difference in people’s lives, communities, and our planet, by doing business the right way.


Salia Restaurant – Waste Management

db San Antonio Hotel & Spa – Water Management

db Seabank Resort & Spa – Water Management

The Waterfront Hotel -water management

Aqualuna Lido- Water managements/ Energy saving practices

Frank’s Gentlemen’s Essentials – Cafeteria – Waste Management/ Green Procurements/ Supply Chain

Lucy – Cafeteria- Waste Management/ Green Procurements/ Supply Chain

Nine lives – Restaurant- waste manageme nt/ water management

Tora – Restaurant- Energy Saving Practices

Manta – Restaurant- water, green procurements/ supply chain

Aki – Restaurant- Waste Management

Blu Beach Club – Restaurant- Water Management/ Green Procurements/ Supply hcain/ energy saving practices

Bahria – Airbnb-Energy Saving Practices/ Waste Management/ Green Procurements/ supply chain

Malta National Aquarium -Waste Management/ Green Procurements/ Supply Chain

Cafe del Mar – Lido – Waste Management/ Green Procurements/ Supply Chain

La Nave Bistro – Restaurant- Energy Saving Practices

Gululu – Restaurant- water management

Chophouse – Restaurant- Waste Management/ Green Procurements

Vecchia Napoli – Restaurant- Energy Saving Practices

Olea – Restaurant- Energy/ Green Procurements/ Supply Chain