GSD Food Safety Policy

The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd. is dedicated to safeguard its stakeholders, employees, customers, and consumers by operating in a hygienic workplace producing and selling beverages that are always safe to consume.

Our primary objective is that the beverages we supply are prepared and manufactured under validatedprocesses, against TCCC specifications and using raw materials of good quality. All our products, comply with all relevant local and EU legislation, TCCC and ISO standards, HACCP principles and approved codes of practice.

To ensure best practice we have adopted a Food Safety Management System which complies to FSSC.22000, ISO/TS.22002 and ISO 9001 standards, supported by operating procedures and other types of documentation which guide or instruct all areas of our operations to work according to GMPs. These are based on sound science, statutory and regulatory requirements, and industry best practices.

Through our rigorous internal and external auditing program, we regularly measure compliance against these standards and strive to achieve monthly or annual KPIs to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting quality specifications and assure our customers and consumers that the beverages we provide is safe to consume and of good quality.

To achieve this:

  • Management and employees at all levels assume full ownership and responsibility of their respective processes and ensure compliance and conformance with set standards.
  • Beverages are hygienically prepared under controlled conditions, reducing the risk of exposure to any type of contamination.
  • All employees are provided with all information, training, and tools necessary to perform their job in a hygienic and compliant manner.
  • We ensure high standards from our suppliers and conformance to our requirements from our contractors through an effective Supplier Management system.

Whilst ensuring compliance to all above points, the management is committed to keep on developing and continuously improve our processes in a sustainable manner by providing appropriate resources, encourage communication across all levels, to implementing and maintaining this policy across all the operation.