The Zero Waste HoReCa HoReCa program will help establishments within the HoReCa sector in Malta and Gozo on the journey to net zero. This program is implemented by the Cypriot NGO AKTI and funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation.

The Zero Waste HoReCa will be providing guidance on how to reduce carbon emissions and a standard against which businesses can be certified against. A best practice guide and training will offer the tools necessary for a coherent and ambitious climate strategy in the hands of businesses through a practical three step approach of Calculate, Mitigate, Compensate.

Pubs and bars that are successfully net zero certified will be able to display their Net Zero accreditation in their outlet and various point-of-sales materials will be made available to help them showcase their achievement and engage customers.

This program will partner with Sports Malta, Festivals Malta, ACE, MHRA and the Energy and Water Agency through the ‘’Guest Program’’.

This initiative very much aligns with the Malta’s plans to reduce carbon emissions. This program allows businesses across the whole hospitality sector to be part of the solution through a pragmatic approach.