The local NGO, Zibel, and the Cypriot NGO, AKTI, have joined hands to launch an exciting environmental campaign for the month of September, known as “Potavristou,” in both Malta and Cyprus. “Potavristou” is a word used in the Cypriot dialect which roughly translates to “reach out” or “lend a hand”. This community-based initiative strives to create awareness about the importance of keeping our surroundings clean and encourages everyone to act by picking up trash they come across. What’s more, the campaign has embraced the power of social media, urging people to share their cleanup stories and tag Zibel and AKTI using the hashtag #Potavristou.

We’ve all seen it – litter scattered on streets, beaches, and parks. It’s not a pretty sight, is it? That’s why Zibel and AKTI have taken it upon themselves to address this issue head-on. By launching the Potavristou campaign, they aim to highlight the significance of individual actions in maintaining a clean environment.

The beauty of the Potavristou campaign lies in its simplicity. Zibel and AKTI have made it clear that anyone can participate by simply picking up any trash they spot during their daily routine. Whether it’s plastic waste on the beach or a stray candy wrapper on the sidewalk, every piece of litter removed contributes to making our communities cleaner and healthier. It is important to dispose the waste collected responsibly. This campaign encourages people to share their cleanup stories and tag Zibel and AKTI on social media platforms and inspire others to follow suit using the hashtag #Potavristou.

This campaign follows the already ongoing collaboration between AKTI, the NGO Zibel and GSD Marketing Ltd  with the program Zero Waste HoReCa which is funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation. This program helps HoReCa outlets on how to reduce carbon emissions, water usage and waste.

The Potavristou campaign launched by Zibel and AKTI is a breath of fresh air in our fight against litter and pollution. By encouraging individuals to pick up trash, sharing their cleanup stories on social media, and using the hashtag #Potavristou, this initiative sparks a sense of ownership and responsibility for our surroundings. Together, let’s embrace this call to action, make a positive difference, and pave the way for a cleaner, greener future.