Zibel, in collaboration with the Zero Waste HoReCa Program, has taken a remarkable step forward in fighting marine plastic pollution. By strategically placing 10 skips along the coast of Malta, this environmental initiative aims to encourage coastal clean-up efforts while specifically targeting marine plastic waste that requires special treatment for recycling.

Recognizing the significance of coastal clean-ups and their role in tackling marine plastic pollution, Zibel has cleverly introduced 10 skips along the coast of Malta solely for the disposal of marine plastics. These skips act as designated collection points, where individuals and groups can deposit the marine waste they gather during coastal clean-up activities. By providing a convenient and centralized place to dispose of marine plastic waste, Zibel encourages and facilitates eco-conscious citizens to proactively participate in beach clean-ups.

Through the Zibel Tribe community, volunteers will be guided on what locations need attention, tips and tricks from the Zibel team and our partners, special projects for the Tribe and many other benefits that only the Zibel Tribe community will receive. Join this group can by visiting the Zibel Facebook page and joining the Zibel Tribe Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/6765035110206589/

To access these bins, kindly scan the QR code on the bin, enter your contact details, the amounts you are depositing, and a picture of the waste collected. Once these are submitted, a code for the padlock will appear on your screen so you can unlock the bin and deposit the collected items. The location of the bins can be viewed on the website of Zibel – https://www.zibel.org/zibel-tribe

One of the exceptional aspects of Zibel’s initiative is its focus on marine plastic waste, which requires special treatment for recycling and cannot be recycled with regular plastic waste due to it becoming contaminated. By specifically aiming to collect and manage this type of waste, Zibel Tribe demonstrates its commitment to not only cleaning up our coastlines but also making sure the collected plastics are documented correctly and appropriately recycled. This targeted effort ensures that marine plastics find their way to the right channels, where they can be properly recycled and become new products.

This initiative continues to strengthen the Zero Waste HoReCa program, an initiative which targets businesses in the hospitality industry to become more sustainable. Through this partnership, this movement is continuing to promote proper waste reduction and recycling while collecting and recycling marine plastics. Businesses who would want to join this program can do so by sending an email to [email protected]

The success of the Zibel Tribe initiative largely relies on community participation. With the skips placed strategically along the coast, locals, visitors, and environmental enthusiasts have a chance to actively contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. By engaging the community and raising awareness about marine plastic pollution and recycling, Zibel Tribe aims to foster a sense of responsibility and encourage lasting behavioural changes that promote sustainable practices.