Q1: How do I participate?

In order to participate in the Monster Energy Campaign, you need to:

1) Buy any Monster Energy can 500ml at Daves Supermarket.

2) Download the Cloudigo mobile application for free from IOS or Android.

3) Register

4) Scan the receipt using the Cloudigo application.

5) Discover you have won.

Q2: Is it free to participate in this campaign?

Scanning and submitting the receipt on the Cloudigo platform to get the chance to win is free, subject to buying any 500ml Monster Energy Can.

Q3: What can I win?

Throughout the campaign, there will be a number of gifts that you can win which include the following:

6) Monster Cargo Cooler

7) Monster Gaming Headset

8) Monster Skateboard

Alternatively, you can also see the gifts on

Q4: Does inputting the same receipt more than once increase my chances of winning?

No, by inputting the same receipt you will not increase your chances of winning.

Q5: Can I participate more than once?

You can participate each time you buy any 500ml can of Monster Energy from Daves Supermarket.

Q6: How can I increase my chances to win a prize?

The more 500ml cans you buy, the more chance you have to win!

Q7: Where can I find my gifts?

You can find the gifts you won, by:

1) Logging in to the Cloudigo app

2) Clicking on ‘Services’ on the bottom navigation menu

3) Pressing on ‘My Gifts’

Q8: I won a gift, what do I do now?

Once you win a gift, this will be automatically added in the ‘My Gifts’ section of the Cloudigo application. Each gift will have its own Terms & Conditions and validity periods, so it’s very important these are read beforehand.

Q9: The merchant won’t allow me to redeem my gift

If you encounter any problems redeeming the gifts you won, please contact us on [email protected] or talk to us on the GSD Facebook Page or GSD Instagram page.


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