The cult beverage Dr Pepper launched an all-new design and its first campaign in over a decade. The brand’s distinctive burgundy packaging has been updated to be more reflective of what’s inside – a liquid that’s ooozing weirdness with a surprising, delicious flavour awaiting the tastebuds of those who throw caution to the weird.

The Try More Weird campaign encourages people to embrace their weird quirks; the things that make them brilliantly wacky. The Try More Weird campaign brings to life the fact that weird is, and always has been, in Dr Pepper’s DNA. This new campaign encourages people to take the plunge into weirdness and go out of their comfort zone to try something new.

To coincide with the launch of the campaign, all Dr Pepper packs have had a complete redesign, with the Zero Sugar offer also taking on a new naming convention. The drink that was once Dr Pepper Zero will now be Dr Pepper Zerooo – zero sugar with extra ooo! The redesign features contrasting swirls comprising the brand’s iconic burgundy and a new, vibrant, hot pink, reflecting Dr Pepper’s zany personality and providing the perfect vessel to contain a combo of 23 flavours that make up the brand’s distinctive, impossible to describe taste.